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Who we are

We are Perform Europe, a forward-looking funding scheme for the European performing arts sector which facilitates international networking and supports inclusive, diverse, and green touring projects across the 40 Creative Europe countries. We emphasise and support practices that are rooted in sustainability and inclusivity to contribute to the transformation of the performing arts sector and to ensure a balanced distribution across the continent. Particular attention is given to projects by and including underrepresented groups, areas, and communities.

Perform Europe is led by a consortium of European performing arts networks – IETM - International network for contemporary performing arts, European Dance Development Network (EDN), European Festivals Association (EFA), Circostrada, Pearle* (Live Performance Europe), along with research organisation IDEA Consult.

The first edition of Perform Europe took place in the period 2020-2022. It supported 19 partnerships, comprising more than 85 partners, showing 45 artistic works from all performing arts disciplines more than 250 times across 27 Creative Europe countries and the UK.

Following the success of the pilot edition, Perform Europe is back! The Open Call was launched on 1 December 2023 and closed on 31 March 2024. Perform Europe supports performing arts professionals and organisations from all Creative Europe countries, of all sizes and all performing arts disciplines (except live music). Perform Europe’s €2.1 million fund will be granted to at least 35 successful partnerships. Of the total fund, 5% is reserved for projects involving Ukrainian partners or supporting the Ukrainian performing arts sector.


1 December 2023

Launch of the Perform Europe call: The call is dedicated to supporting collaboration projects with a focus on inclusion, diversity and/or the fight against climate change.

1 December 2023 - 31 March 2024

Online Networking & Application Period: During the open call period, Perform Europe will organise various information, promotion and knowledge-sharing events. Applicants will register on the website, use the Matchmaking tool to find partners, co-create proposals and apply for Perform Europe grants.

April - May 2024

Evaluation & Selection Process: Once the call is closed, evaluators will assess and select a minimum of 35 projects to receive a Perform Europe Grant.

3 June 2024

Announcement of the selection to the applicants: Selected partnerships will be informed. From 1 July onwards, their projects will be publicly announced and showcased on the Perform Europe website.

1 July 2024 - 30 November 2025

Touring of the projects: The selected partnerships can implement their touring projects.

31 March 2026

End of the second Perform Europe edition: The official closing of the project.


Perform Europe team

Karen Verlinden

Project Coordinator

Karen Verlinden is an arts manager with extensive experience in organisational and project coordination in the performing arts. She is committed to creating sustainable contexts for artists and art workers to realise their projects.


Mariam Lezhava

Communications Officer

Mariam Lezhava is a communications specialist working in the cultural sector. She specialises in public relations, strategic communications, marketing and project management.


Cristina Emmel

Project Assistant

Cristina Emmel is a cultural worker, artist and translator. Cristina is mainly active in the fields of visual and performing arts, working with artists, curators and cultural organisations.


Board members

Ása Richardsdóttir

Chair of the Board (IETM)

Ása Richardsdóttir is the chair of the Perform Europe board and supports Perform Europe team in their daily work. She is an expert in programming, performing arts distribution, venue and event development, networking, art management and cultural political advocacy. She is also the Secretary General at IETM.


Kathrin Deventer

Vice-Chair of the Board (EFA)

Kathrin Deventer is an expert in networking and cultural management, serves as Secretary General of the European Festivals Association (EFA) and is the vice chair of the Perform Europe board.

Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar

Member of the Board (Circostrada)

Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar is an expert in international relations, cultural policies, collaborative projects, contemporary circus and outdoor arts. He serves as the Coordinator of Circostrada, the European Network for Contemporary Circus and Outdoor Arts. In addition, Stéphane is the Head of International Development at ARTCENA.


Joris Janssens

Member of the Board (IDEA Consult)

Joris Janssens is an expert in the fields of culture, leisure and tourism at IDEA Consult. He specialises in applied qualitative and quantitative research, strategic development projects and public policy advice.

Eva Broberg

Member of the Board (EDN)

Eva Broberg is the Network Manager of the European Dance Development Network (EDN) and an expert in cultural management, international exchange and arts development strategies.

Anita Debaere

Member of the Board (Pearle*)

Anita Debaere holds the position of Director at Pearle*- Live Performance Europe. She is an expert in cultural cross-border mobility questions, European policy, and regulatory affairs and social policies.

Consortium partners

Perform Europe is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and implemented by a consortium of six organisations:


IETM - International network for contemporary performing arts is one of the oldest and largest international cultural networks, representing the voice of over 500 professionals, organisations and institution from all genres of the performing arts and all functions in the ecosystem: artists, producers, companies, venues, festivals, research centers, residencies, networks, associations and governmental bodies; from 62 countries worldwide. IETM is the lead organisation in Perform Europe.

The European Festivals Association

The European Festivals Association (EFA) is a community dedicated to the arts, the artists and the audiences. EFA’s main role is to connect festival makers to inform, inspire and enrich the festival landscape in Europe and beyond. In this perspective, EFA is a festivals’ service and a knowledge and training provider, developing a WE-story of people and organisations, bridging the distance between festivals and all kinds of stakeholders around festival making.


Circostrada is the European Network for Contemporary Circus and Outdoor Arts. It was created in 2003 and comprises over 150 members from more than 40 countries. Its core mission is to further the development, empowerment, and recognition of these fields at European and international level. Circostrada supports contemporary circus and outdoor arts professionals by implementing a wide range of capacity-building initiatives, encouraging professional exchange, gathering information and resources, as well as fostering continuous training, innovation and knowledge sharing.

European Dance Development Network

European Dance Development Network – EDN, established as a legal association of dancehouses in 2009, is a network of dance development organisations based in Europe working towards a sustainable, progressive and equitable dance sector. In 2023 EDN counted 48 member organisations in 27 countries. Its key mission is to cooperate in securing a sustainable future for the contemporary dance sector and to enhance the relevance of diverse dance among societies.

Pearle *

Created in 1991, Pearle* - Live Performance Europe is the 'Performing Arts Employers Association League Europe', the European Federation of Music and Live Performance Organisations. Pearle * represents through its members more than 10,000 managers of theatres, concert venues, theatre production companies, orchestras, operas, ballet and dance companies, festivals, promoters and other professional organisations in the performing arts in Europe. Pearle * is the leading organisation on EU and international regulatory affairs issues affecting daily operations of live performance organisations.

IDEA Consult

IDEA Consult provides independent advice to organisations and governments at all levels: local, intermediate, regional, federal and European. Their "Thinking Ahead" baseline reflects IDEA's unique value proposition: committed professionals involved in society and well connected with research institutions; evidence-based advice: applied research, based on validated techniques; sustainable solutions for actual social challenges.

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