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-- Update January 2024 --
Before applying, make sure to read:
- the Open Call and Guidelines, with eligibility and award criteria under chapter J.
- the regularly updated Frequently Asked questions document.

The form should be submitted by the Lead Partner of the partnership.

Your application should give clear and concise information about your partnership proposal.

All Perform Europe processes are carried out in English, including the application, contracts and reports. However, language skills are not rated in the evaluation and applicants are welcome to make use of online translation tools.

If you have any issues related to access with this digital form, please contact us at to discuss alternative submission possibilities.

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STEP 1 Basic information
STEP 2 Partnership
STEP 3 Partnership proposal
STEP 4 Artistic work
STEP 5 Presentation contexts
STEP 6 Budget

STEP 1 Basic information

It can be one, or both.
As a reminder: your partnership proposal describes how you aim to reimagine the touring and cross-border presentation of performing arts works, focusing on one or both of the Perform Europe priorities: 
- Diversity and Inclusion
- The Fight Against Climate Change.
Your proposal should be innovative and built on fair principles.

1.4 Timing

no earlier than 1 July 2024
no later than 30 November 2025
1.5 Funding amount requested (in EUR):
Co-financing is not required, but allowed. The Perform Europe grant can cover 100% of the costs or less.

STEP 2 Partnership

Your partnership must have at least three partners (lead partner included) based in three different Creative Europe countries. This means the country the partner is legally based in, not their nationality. Each partner has to be registered with an account on the Perform Europe website.

2.1. Lead partner
The Lead partner is responsible for submitting an application on behalf of the partnership, and is the main contact point for the Perform Europe team. If the partnership proposal is selected, the Lead partner will sign the contract with Perform Europe and receive the funding.


Name of main contact
for an individual: it can be the same as above. This will be the contact for the Perform Europe team.
Please go to your profile and copy paste the url.
- The diversity can be on the level of disciplines, backgrounds, functions, scope, geographical location, etc.
- The solidarity can be understood as: resources you are going to share, both material and immaterial (such as skills and capacities).
- How sustainable is your partnership beyond the implementation of the Perform Europe proposal?

STEP 3 Partnership proposal

- What are you hoping to achieve with communication? This can include raising awareness, change of attitude, change of behaviour, introducing new art forms and ideas, stimulating critical thinking.
- How are you planning to achieve your objectives for your target group(s)? Describe the activities and channels that support your communication objectives.

STEP 4 Artistic work

You can select multiple options. In that case, rank the disciplines in order of their relevance to your work(s).

STEP 5 Presentation contexts

A presentation context is the physical or digital setting in which an artistic work will be presented to audiences. Your partnership proposal must include at least three different presentations in three different Creative Europe countries.

STEP 6 Budget

Download the template here.

Income and expenses must be balanced, and the budget must be in euros. Any budgets that are not in euros or are not balanced will be rejected on administrative grounds. If your partnership has or is seeking co-financing please list co-financers in the budget under “Other income”.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

At least 1,5 % of the grant amount requested, should be spent on training.
Add any extra comments here, not in the budget template.
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