Perform Europe’s Matchmaking Tool: How to Find Partners for Collaboration

Published:  December 22, 2023

Are you looking for partners to collaborate on a project for the recently launched Perform Europe Open Call? Good news! We’ve created the Perform Europe Matchmaking Tool to support you in this process.

What is the Perform Europe Matchmaking Tool?

Perform Europe’s Matchmaking Tool is a platform on our website, specifically designed to connect individuals and organisations from the performing arts sector interested in applying for the Perform Europe Open Call. It’s a space where you can create a profile showcasing your expertise, interests and partnership needs. The tool allows users to filter and search for potential partners, send ‘Quick Match’ requests, exchange contact details and start building a Perform Europe partnership.

Who can use it?

Performing arts professionals or organisations from the 40 Creative Europe countries, considering applying for the Perform Europe Open Call, are welcome to explore the Matchmaking Tool. Please note that we are accepting profiles from all performing arts disciplines except live music and opera performances

How to use the Matchmaking Tool? – a step by step guide

  • On the homepage of the Perform Europe website, in the upper right corner, click ‘Log in’ and then Create an account. Create a profile presenting yourself with a short bio, the performing arts work(s) and presentation opportunities you provide / offer and what you would need from a Perform Europe partnership.
  • Once your profile is registered and approved by the Perform Europe team, you can browse through other profiles using search filters.
  • You can send Quick Match requests to signal your interest in collaborating with another professional or organisation. The other party receives a notification of your request. If approved, you will be able to access each other’s contact details and start communicating. You can view received ‘Quick Match’ requests under ‘Request’ and successful matches under ‘My matches’.

Things to consider

  • The purpose of creating an account is to explore taking part in Perform Europe: keep the Open Call in mind when creating your profile. It should reflect a genuine interest in the vision and priorities of the Open Call.
  • Upon registering, our team reviews your profile and confirms your account. Account approval may take up to three working days
  • Approval doesn’t guarantee eligibility for Perform Europe Open Call. Eligibility is checked only after submitting a Perform Europe application.

Are you ready to explore the Perform Europe Matchmaking Tool? Create a profile, connect with potential partners, apply for the Open Call and reimagine international touring with us!

Watch the short video guide:

Register on the Matchmaking Platform

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