Past Projects (2021-22)

Embodied Temporalities – Tracing the memories our bodies hold

What memories do our bodies hold? What can our bodies tell us about our past and future selves? Embodied Temporalities is a research, archiving, exhibition, and performance partnership under the artistic direction of Madhumita Nandi. The partnership gives visibility and recognition to artistic works of minorities and issues relevant to identity, non-normativity, participation, class struggles, migration, local and European border policies, and their impact on people’s lives.

Made up of Oyoun (Germany), Birmingham LGBT (UK), Dafa Puppet Theater s.r.o. (Czech Republic), Play Perform Learn Grow (PPLG) (Greece), Föreningen LiveGreen (Sweden), Embodied Temporalities invites cultural practitioners to explore identities, belonging, and embodied memories through diasporic, decolonial, and queer perspectives. What makes Embodied Temporalities unique is the diversity of its infrastructure, the lightweight collaboration model, and the way the artistic work adapts to each new context when touring.

The touring process is rooted in community engagement thereby not imposing values but rather empowering and addressing the needs of the local community. Whether it is in the shape of a residency and workshops in the UK, artistic mediation and live performances in rural/semi-urban neighborhoods in the Czech Republic, or curating nurturing and powering exchanges between performers and refugee audiences through trauma-informed artistic workshops in Greece, it all comes together in an immersive virtual reality at LiveGreen’s Festival Planet. It is clear the partners purposefully chose one another.

Even more so, the artistic works mainly consist of the artists themselves and use a waste minimising approach (using local infrastructure, repurposing materials, energy resources, social wellbeing for a safe and healthy work environment, etc.). As a result, such a collaboration model is bound to leave a positive impact on the environment and economic sustainability as it can be easily repeated and reproduced in times of scarcity.



Producers: Oyoun, Germany / Madhumita Nandi
Ilk tracks the roots of tolerated queer practices that go back centuries in Arabic and Muslim societies, basing the performance on 13th century manuscripts, bridging it to all the erasure of modern times, and understanding how queer Arab and Muslim identity can emerge from reclaiming times where queerness and homosexuality were accepted, tolerated and studied. It aims for a queer Arab Muslim futuristic vision, that starts with healing through rewriting histories. The social artist and dance movement therapist Ahmad Hijazi practices critical collective workshops and emphasises empowerment of bodies of colour and queer affirmative care.
Ancestral Body Noise
Producers: Oyoun, Germany / Madhumita Nandi
Ancestral Body Noise is a project linking individuals with their own ancestral technology, embodied memory in performance practice, activism and cultural work. These are explorations of how culture, inheritance and archival of rituals in the body continue to transform themselves over time. They continue to open the process to the public, negotiating concepts of home, and the (re)construction of ritual for radical empathy in their political and psycho-spiritual practice. Future-folk musician and life- long psycho-spiritual student Gugulethu ‘Dumama’ Duma takes poetry, movement and sounds as tools of social transformation and healing to migrant communities."
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