Past Projects (2021-22)

International Inclusive Arts Network ‘Making Waves!’

Across Europe, it is a challenge to present and tour inclusive shows meant for young audiences as the financing and financial returns are limited whereas the demands on the performers’ are considerable. The interactive nature of the performance requires the performers to be in constant improvisation mode and be responsible for maintaining physical and emotional safety of their audience. So how can we encourage the programming of inclusive performances for children and young people to become a regular practice?


IIAN Making Waves looks to do exactly this. Made up of Dansema Dance Theater (Lithuania), Mind the Gap (UK), Segni d’Infanzia Associazone Culturale (Italy), Teatro 4Garoupas (Germany), Assitej Cyprus (Cyprus), International Inclusive Arts Network (Denmark), Fundacja Teatr 21 (Poland), AREAL – Space for choreographic development (Romania), this Perform Europe partnership is presenting two inclusive artistic works for children and young people:

World Without Eyes by Dansema Dance Theater, a dance performance for Blind and partially-sighted children; and the film A Little Space by Mind the Gap and Gecko, which, led by an inclusive cast, explores what happens when five people living together connect and disconnect from each other.
What is unique about this partnership is that by taking theatre to young people with disabilities and their carers through an inclusive network of European presenters they are essentially building the infrastructure for future collaborations across Europe. The partnership raises visibility of underrepresented artists and audiences while offering an opportunity to develop an audience database from scratch. Additionally, the project employs digital tools for one of the artistic works as a means to reach their audience.
The partnership is also practising fair payment for the producers (dancers, choreographers, etc.) and for presenters seeking sustainable collaboration between the countries, where living costs and state financial support for touring differs greatly.
The sharing of skills and resources has already made a practical impact – some presenters have had to reconsider how accessible they are and adapt their venues to the needs of audiences with disabilities. More is sure to come as a compact team of three tour the partnership and collaborate with local dancers on the various tour stops.



World without Eyes
Producers: Dansema Dance Theater, Lithuania
World without Eyes is an interactive dance performance for diverse sighted (Blind and partially-sighted) children; where each performance is part of ongoing research into this area of work. World Without Eyes invites young audiences to become active participants and, together with two dancers, explore the world around them through movement and movement only. Dansema Dance Theater seeks genuine inclusion with their audiences who may also be d/deaf and/or neurodivergent and proposes the idea that all people are different in their abilities and should be recognised as such, regardless of the origin of differences – genetic, inherited by birth, acquired by trauma, etc. The performance is constructed to allow the child audiences to join the exploration of the dancers’ movements, costumes, and scenery when they feel ready to. They can stay in the process for as long as they wish to and leave the action when they feel the need to. Dance in this project is presented through touching and sensing movement vibrations instead of hearing instructions or descriptions. Dansema Dance Theater believes that dance, as a non-verbal communication and expression form, should be perceived and expressed nonverbally.
A Little Space
Producers: Producer: Mind the Gap and Gecko, UK
A Little Space is a film for neurodivergent and neurotypical teenagers alike. Set in an apartment block, the film follows the lives of five people and explores what happens when they connect and disconnect from each other, whether through choice or through isolation. Drawing on the performers’ own experiences, A Little Space uses movement, imagery, sound, and lighting to portray the needs, desires, and fears of the characters. Originally a theatre show, Mind the Gap and Gecko worked with award-winning Newcastle-based Meerkat Films to bring the piece to the screen and promise that audiences can expect ‘an exciting mash-up of theatre and film’. The making of the film was made possible with funding from Arts Council England and The Space. Artistic Director Joyce Lee and two performers from A Little Space will run a live, online workshop on inclusive practice and improvised storytelling to accompany the film.
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Laura Vanseviciene

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