Current Projects (2024-25)

Reflecting Presence Rethinking Future

The project brings together a wide range of partners united by their interest in global issues and civic engagement. Partners come from both Western and Eastern Europe, performers are both female and male, and venues are situated in both urban and rural environments. Local partners represent the entire spectrum of activism.

Regarding the sustainability of the partnership, the project is seen as another contribution to building and strengthening a fragile network of cultural actors. Primarily, it aims to use the potential of contemporary art to generate and support a critical way of thinking and imagining the past, present, and future in connection with the land, its inhabitants – human and non-human – and the climate.

Perform Europe Grant
EUR 32,000


Artistic Works

traces- a performative walk in and with the forest
Producers: Concept and Performance: Jakob Jautz Outside Eye: Mala Kline Installation and Costume: Jakob Jautz & Julian Herstatt Production: Jakob Jautz Production Assistance: Katja Büchtemann
‘traces’ leads the audience into a story which not only questions the connection between people and the land but actively places the audience within. It invites the audience for a stroll along interactive and performative stations through a landscape of wonder.

Tracing the landscape, the performance organically intertwines with the forest. Using tree-climbing techniques, merging them with elements of contemporary dance and circus, the forest and the trees become embodied parts of the choreography. Having the flora, fauna and its climate as the co-creators and agonists of the play, participants become creators, stage, scenography and the play itself at once, as equals, and all together.

No culture was, is and will be in a continuous, equilateral, positive harmony with the other forms of living and non-living beings. It seems to be an ongoing learning process, in which the circle of life of both human and non-human must first be recognised and then respected. By offering a space to physically experience the democratisation between human and non-human, by creating a narrative full of connectivity, subtle fragility, humour and care, ‘traces’ aims to be part of this learning process.

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Otero Tillmann Filme

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