Past Projects (2021-22)

The Body as Reference for (R)Evolution – Collaborative Biotopes

“Art is a vehicle for change and will not be threatened by conventions.”

Creating resilience in the arts and on an international cultural level is a crucial mission of this partnership. This is evident in how the partners of The Body as Reference for (R)Evolution have agreed to link United Cowboys’ Biotope performances to each other by taking along local artists, selected materials and content from each city to the next, and presenting these in relevant, unconventional locations.



The Biotope
Producers: United Cowboys, The Netherlands
The Biotope, the artistic work of this partnership, is a site-specific piece, an immersive, sculptural durational performance. It is a highly inclusive, collaborative format that can be transferred to various contexts. It can morph naturally by including local artistic input, materials, performers, generating a new identity, without losing its artistic methodology at the core. Body as Reference for (R)Evolution emphasises the human dimension, the physical, in times of technology and digitalised dialogues. It promotes the tangibility of all senses and brings live experiences back into focus. To co-shape the individual Biotopes on location, local artists from various disciplines are selected and invited to artistic working sessions prior to artistic presentations hosted by United Cowboys. United Cowboys will also take input along to the next presenting partner location in order to fuel the transformative character of this travelling Biotope. This geographically vast partnership includes United Cowboys (The Netherlands), UA Association ‘Contemporary Dance Platform’ (Ukraine TBD), ACT – Association for Independent Theatre (Bulgaria), and the Gothenburg Fringe Festival (Sweden). For most partners, infusing the local ecosystem with a site specific and durational artistic work is something new. The partnership also has very clear and strong values and goals based on openness and generosity to foster solidarity and fair practices. On a practical level, the partnership morphs around the artistic work and process in a sustainable and innovative way - the first performance will set the snowball of artists and artistic materials rolling, which will grow and change as they tour from Gothenburg to Sofia to Kiev. The artistic input from each individual partner is collected on an online platform in the form of a living map. It is the main shared and open access space where artists can exchange input and co-shape the artistic work, and will stay open and accessible so that artists can look back onto collected impressions and findings and add new artistic input.

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