In this project, Acting for Climate (Norway) is joining forces with Festival Sismògraf – OlotCultura (Spain), Pepe Arts (Germany), and DYNAMO Workspace for Circus and Performing Arts (Denmark) to bring the forest performance BARK on tour to Catalonia, Germany, and Denmark, and set new standards of sustainability (and improve them along the way) and experiment with how art can continue to be a catalyst of change. The partnership explores how international touring can be made sustainable in terms of ecology, remuneration, and mental and physical health, and what is actually required to rethink the existing structures.

In a scene where programming favours men, BARK is a forest-specific circus performance with a majority female cast that deals with climate change, and invites the audience to physically connect with the forest. The partnership is emphasising social, physical, and financial sustainability throughout their entire tour across Europe using bikes and trains as much as possible.

A major part of sustainable touring for Bark is the well-being of artists. Circus artists are used to performing while injured, simply because they often have no other choice. Not only must the show go on, but they are also often dependent on carrying on for financial reasons. The partnership is ensuring that tour planning happens and is implemented in a way that takes the physical and mental health of the artists and crew into account, and they will gather and share best practices from what they’ve learned.

Having more time in each place to create deeper connections, planning the tour with the time to travel by land in mind, and aiming for fair wages for the artists, including the preparations; these are all elements that come into play for BARK when making new norms of sustainability.

All the performances are free, and one presentation will be filmed, recorded and live streamed to ensure a wider visibility of the partnership and to make the presentations accessible to all.



Producers: Acting for Climate, Norway
BARK is a poetic, spectacular, and thought-provoking contemporary circus performance for a forest, an audience, and five performing artists. Played site- specifically in and with your local forest, BARK is about reconnecting with each other and with nature. The forest, the soil and the trees are the main characters of the performance; they co-create the piece together with the performers, climate scientists and outside eyes. The performance combines a physical expression of group acrobatics, vertical dance, dance and theatre with live music and poetic text, all performed up in, between, with and around the trees. Through being nature, reconnecting, and living utopia, BARK aims to convey a sensory experience that can change perspectives on our human natures, as a part of the biosphere. BARK deals with climate change and the possibility of social change. Sustainability is essential in the whole process and working methods. The show is site-specific and is adapted and individual to each forest.
Photo credits

Cosmin Cirstea

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