Past Projects (2021-22)

Becoming […]

Becoming […] is a long term project that utilises performance workshops and presentations in an exhibition setting to talk about national identity through the lens of first generation immigrant experiences. Part exhibition, part documentary theatre, it is adapted and transformed to different nations and their local context using a project/creation model that works locally with different communities and builds on common themes of immigration and nation building.


Made up of Lora V Krasteva Ltd (UK), Terén, Center for Experimental Theatre (Czech Republic), REPLIKA Educational Theatre Center (Romania), and Oyoun Kultur NeuDenken gUG (Germany), the timely partnership is testing Becoming’s framework internationally for the first time. At the centre of the partnership is a residency style touring that allows for local connections between first generation communities, migrant artists, and the producer.


To make the work relevant to local contexts, the partnership is commissioning local migrant artists, creating a common evaluation framework and exchanging skills, in order to build relationships where there might not exist any yet. Lora will also share her knowledge of working with community organisations, as well as professional artists; her experience in advocacy and engaging with policy making and her work with cultural spaces wanting to better fulfil their civic role.

The residency style also means that the travel cost and carbon footprint are minimum, with only the lead artist and her producer as well as a few artefacts travelling abroad each time. There are no sets and the public presentation of work is adapted to the spaces available and the technical equipment on location.


Becoming […] raises questions on how artistic concepts and frameworks that respond to local contexts and communities can be toured in a sustainable way. How can they ensure local, long-term legacies for artists, audiences and communities alike? How can they both be reactive to the world outside the artistic space, whilst creating a sense of Belonging within? How can they build meaningful transnational collaborations?


The first leg of the tour has already shown tangible outcomes and the first presentation hasn’t even happened yet – the open call has put 30 new, first generation, local artists on the venue’s radar, artist collective meetings have taken place in Prague and Brno, and 12 writer’s from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus were offered writing commissions to reflect on the themes of ‘Becoming’.



Becoming Czech
Becoming Czech: An exploration of national identity and belonging is a co-created project combining different art forms and exploring the relationship of the first generation of migrants in Brno and the Czech Republic to the themes of national identity, belonging and the broader issues of migration. Artists Lora Krasteva, Sonya Darrow, Alma Lily Rayner, Maa Ry Nguyen and the team at Teren invite you to eat, rest, talk and create together. Over 36h, including a sleepover, Teren’s studio is transformed into a cosy space of sanctuary for all. Food will be provided and cooked communally, there will be semi-structured discussions and spaces to react, share or sit together. Everyone is welcome to drop by, come and go or stay for longer. Families and children are welcome. Activities will be in Czech and English.
Becoming Romanian
Becoming Romanian will run as a co-created performative exhibition in April 2022. Co- produced with Replika, it will explore the relationship of first generation migrants in Bucharest with ideas of national identity, belonging, and wider questions of migration. Over a week, the project will centre the voices of migrant artists and community members, culminating in a sharing that will educate, entertain and inform.
Becoming Alman
Becoming Alman will run as a co-created performative exhibition in May 2022. Co- produced with Oyoun, it will explore the relationship of first generation migrants in Berlin with ideas of national identity, belonging, and wider questions of migration. The residency and performance will include the commission of 3 first-generation migrant artists, and paid community engagement which will be unique to the location and experience of those contributing. Centering the voices of migrant artists and community members it will educate, entertain and inform. It will specifically look at ideas of citizenship, identity, and belonging.
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