Current Projects (2024-25)

Boys Just Want To Have Fun

The collaboration centres around a slow-touring model and a participatory adaptation model for the artistic work ‘Boys Just Want To Have Fun’ by choreographer Israel Aloni. 


The durational, multidisciplinary work will be presented over 3-4 days at each of the locations. Each presentation series will be preceded by a 10-day adaptation period, inviting local artists, LGBTQIA+ organisations and the general public to open rehearsals, artist talks, and workshops. This will provide an opportunity to experience part of the creative process, actively contribute to the local adaptation of the piece, and offer a platform for transcultural exchange. 


The aim of the collaboration is to reimagine touring through a longer stay on location in the lead-up to the performance, an accessible presentation context and an increased, pro-active interaction with local communities.

Perform Europe Grant
EUR 60,000


Artistic Works

Boys Just Want To Have Fun
Producers: ilDance // choreography: Israel Aloni & cast
‘Boys Just Want To Have Fun’ is a durational multi-disciplinary dance-performance act to be presented in white exhibition/gallery spaces. The work confronts the challenge of deconstructing the ‘man’ and taboos around men’s sensuality and tactility in mainstream Western culture by addressing power dynamics and hierarchies of social positioning in the visual art space (the gallery), politics of object and subject (presenting man as an object), questioning what a body is and how its utterances are informed by its process of becoming, as well as the practice of individual agency in a public space (both for the public and the performers).

In this project, objectification is utilised to examine the ‘man’ as an artwork, a creation, or a fiction. The question is, how are men being ‘man-ified’ and ‘man-ifactured’ in our society?

The public will be actively invited to come and leave as they please, as well as choose their own spatial trajectory in the performance space, fostering a sense of active participation and engagement.

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Derek Pedros

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