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Diversely Typical – Embracing Neurodiversity through Movement

Diversely Typical is a contemporary dance tour across Malta, Italy, and Romania, integrating performance campaigns and workshops on themes of inclusion and tolerance. Each performance is adapted and moulded to maximise accessibility to diverse audiences, while the workshops are tailored to students with varying physical and mental abilities. The collaboration aims to challenge the stigma surrounding behaviours of neuroatypical individuals. Despite having distinct cultural backgrounds, the three partners share a common thread of artistic innovation, activism, and expression. 


This collaboration offers performances and workshops centred around a common theme, exchanging techniques and perspectives, resulting in a tapestry of artistic expression transcending geographical boundaries. By engaging a wide spectrum of viewers, including those with different abilities, the project aims to catalyse a shift in societal attitudes, addressing the needs of 12% of the population.Text is translated, presented with a sign language specialist or adapted technically depending on the audience. Differently abled persons do not only participate as audience members but are also active participants in specifically designed movement workshops, in order to offer the arts to ALL those who show an interest in it.

Perform Europe Grant
EUR 12,000


Artistic Works

Diversely Typical
Producers: Moveo Dance Company
Holder of the 'Best Steam Project Award' 2022 by Esplora, Diversely Typical is a contemporary dance performance choreographed by Diane Portelli, to highlight every behavioural nuance of certain neurological disorders and to stop the stigma against the behaviours of those with neuroatypical brains. Created in collaboration with ADHD Malta, the performance is portrayed through dance and spoken text, taken from real testimonies of neurodivergent children and adolescents. Audiences witness movements and sounds created to display actual behaviours and gestures essential for people with neurodiverse brains. Stimming, flicking fingers, anxiety, tip toe walks, sensory overstimulation are all explored and crafted through movement and physical theatre. The inner voices and thoughts of those experiencing daily hardships are narrated, allowing audiences to not only see but feel and understand what it is like to listen to ‘so many sounds, all at the same time’. Movement, text and soundscape all merge for the performance to feel like a simulation, bringing the audience into the world of neurodiversity.

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