Past Projects (2021-22)

Habitat: Europe – Large Scale, Small Footprint

Habitat: Europe – made up of MAYK (UK), Rosendal International Theatre (Norway), REDPLEXUS (France), and Something Great / Aires de Sousa Silveira & Wallisch GbR (Germany) – is a Perform Europe partnership that boldly reimagines what touring of large-scale, participatory work across borders can look like. It brings together a celebrated international artist, Doris Uhlich, and local residents in each location, creating radical, inspiring performance work, and fostering new relationships between partners.

The partnership engages and brings visibility to a vast and diverse group of local participants (professionals and non-professionals, people of different ages, genders, races) around the artistic work. These individuals will collectively form the heart of the work, creating a unique picture of the people residing in each location.

This large-scale, ambitious partnership, fully aware of the significant impact their production will have on each location, will hit the road with a small company and travelling will not involve freight or other carbon-intensive travel methods.

Throughout their Perform Europe project, a monthly online forum will also take place. It will offer space for both staff at different levels of each partnership and participants to think, reflect, and share their experiences.



Habitat – Doris Uhlich
Producers: Something Great / Aires de Sousa Silveira & Wallisch GbR, Germany
In Habitat by Doris Uhlich, naked bodies flick, vibrate, and slap against each other to electronic sounds and abstract techno tracks. The performers celebrate their unity in diversity. As individuals and as a crowd at the same time, they conquer the space in a choreography that is captivating, highly energetic and, at times, collectively reposing. The space is transformed into a “habitat” full of unexpected life forms – the audience moves about freely in the available space.
Photo credits

Theresa Rauter

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