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HAND IN HAND_ intergenerational participatory project

‘HAND IN HAND: Intergenerational Participatory Project’ aims to address the urgency of the climate crisis while promoting inclusivity and diversity through the touring performance ‘Bloom&Doom’. This performance, created by artist Caterina Moroni, engages underrepresented communities, particularly children, in the creative process. The project fosters a sense of belonging and international unity among participants. 


By collaborating with local artists and professionals in each of the five touring locations across Europe, the project minimises environmental impact and enriches community ties. The use of eco-friendly materials and practices, along with support for unavoidable travel through climate projects, highlights our commitment to sustainability. ‘Bloom&Doom’ serves as an innovative platform for raising climate awareness and inspiring action through immersive experiences. Our approach ensures fair practices, professional development, and equitable access to resources. Our goal is to promote dialogue, collective action, and environmental sustainability, engaging participants, especially children, as change-makers.

Perform Europe Grant
EUR 32,000


Artistic Works

Bloom&Doom [Poetic Riot]
Producers: Caterina Moroni - with the support of: IN SITU ACT project
‘Bloom&Doom: Poetic Riot’ is a participatory urban performance, a guided walk through the city led by local children and pre-teens for an adult audience. It is a transformative experience directed by interdisciplinary artist Caterina Moroni, conceived as a call to action and celebration of resilience, exploring themes of climate change and collective action. At the crossroads between a procession, a guided tour, a party and an activist action, Bloom&Doom invites the public to actively engage in an immersive experience. A group of young wanderers will lead an adult audience through an urban ritual within the city. Each audience member will be paired with a child guide, fostering an intimate connection as they journey hand in hand in search of a glimpse into the future. Along the journey, these young guides will share their insights on adapting, building community, and dreaming despite challenges. Step by step the message becomes clearer: we must place our trust in children and nature, as they may hold the key to guiding us forward.

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Caterina Moroni

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