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Honig, شمس & de l’Or

The project aims to develop a touring model of ‘translation in the act’, using local actors for creative live translation that is artistically integrated into the production. 


‘Honey, Sun and Gold’ is a monodrama written by Yasser Abu Shakra, acted and directed by Remi Sarmini, and produced in Tunisia in 2021. Inspired by Hector Malot’s novel ‘Sans famille’, the play is transposed into today’s reality by Syrian author, director, and actor Remi Sarmini to recount his flight from Syria in 2016 to escape the war, and his wanderings around the world to find a safe place to live and work. His quest relates both to his ‘minority status’ as a migrant and refugee and to his sexual orientation and the impossibility of living his love openly. The loss of a home and a loved one creates a bridge between ‘the two Remis’ and brings humour and a poetic distance to this highly emotional autobiographical piece. 


The production will be taken to Paris and Berlin in two different versions, incorporating French and German with a local actor or actress.

Perform Europe Grant
EUR 60,000


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Honig, شمس & de l’Or
Producers: Ahmed MouradKhanfir
Honey, Sun and Gold is a monodrama originally written in Arabic by Yasser Abu Shaqra, with scenography by Mohamed Souissi, produced in Tunisia. Inspired by Hector Malot’s novel Sans famille, this piece has been transposed into today’s reality by Syrian author, director, and actor Rimi Sarmini. The play recounts Sarmini's personal journey of fleeing Syria in 2016 to escape the war and his subsequent wanderings around the world in search of a safe place to live and work.

The narrative intertwines Sarmini’s experiences as a migrant and refugee with his challenges of living openly due to his sexual orientation. The story's emotional depth is heightened by the themes of loss of home and loved ones, creating a poignant bridge between the character’s past and present. Through humour and poetic distance, the play offers a unique and intimate portrayal of resilience, identity, and the quest for belonging.

For the upcoming performances in Paris and Berlin, "Honey, Sun and Gold" will be adapted into a multilingual production. One local actor in each city will join Sarmini on stage, incorporating French in Paris and German in Berlin. This creative live translation will be artistically integrated into the production without the use of subtitles or such aides, allowing the play to resonate with diverse audiences.

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