Current Projects (2024-25)

Manual of Adaptation to the Planet

In summer 2025, three partners (Passage – DK, Favela – HR, and Slowmachine – IT, also co-producer) will host the performance ‘Manual of Adaptation to the Planet’ (2023) in their festivals. The itinerary is designed as a response to a struggle identified by the North, East and South European partners with finding good collaborations with other festivals to design sustainable touring, resulting therefore in being excluded from the main Western touring highways.

In a participatory performance in public space, created by Zelda Soussan & Ruggero Franceschini and produced by LUIT (FR), it tackles adaptation to climate change avoiding both catastrophism and techno-solutionism: it aims to stimulate the collective imagination with the aim of creating – through a game about the future – a dialogue about the present. It will be performed in English and live interpreted into the local sign language. The performance acts as a catalyst for a creative bottom-up European climatic adaptation plan, which will be curated, edited, published and presented by the fourth partner (Acquario Libri, IT) as a final printed publication.

The LUIT is a transdisciplinary team composed of directors, performers, scenographers, illustrators, and scientists, but the performance needs decisive contribution from participants. It aims to involve passers-by.

A dialogue is established with the partner festivals to scout and select one or more ‘experts of the future’ to involve in the final ‘assembly’ section of the performance. This allows the sharing of artistic, social, and climatic knowledge between the LUIT and the festivals. In the ‘assembly’ section, a platform is provided to discover the legal and social validity of adaptation strategies created by the audience, which will be printed in the final publication.

Perform Europe Grant
EUR 60,000


Artistic Works

Manual of Adaptation to the Planet
Producers: a LUIT project in collaboration with Ruggero Franceschini
A team is looking for adaptation strategies to methodically reorganise human life on Earth. Page after page, they travel the planet to write a MANUAL OF ADAPTATION TO THE PLANET. The protocol is always the same: the team finds participants on site and prepares them by sharing a weather forecast of the future of the nearest regions, by visiting the area using climascopes and by creating their own role in the community. Once ready, they will step inside the Time Accelerator to live several decades into the future. They will need to use their collective imagination to deal with unexpected events that will affect their community. A radio broadcast will be their only contact with the outside world, while mysterious cave-like paintings will trace their history live. Which adaptation strategies will they invent? By listening from outside the Time Accelerator to their experience, the team will synthesise the different strategies, which will be shared in an open assembly and added to the MANUAL, before the team packs up for the next territory.

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