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Mediterranean Crossing: A lamentation for the sea

‘Mediterranean Crossing’ aims to foster a new geography of connections based on equality, inclusion, ecology and diversity creating a partnership with spaces that experience conditions of marginality linked to their belonging to ‘remote’ or complex geographical contexts. Sustainability, inclusion, diversity and environmental justice are, thus, at the heart of the project, in terms of both artistic contents and production methodologies. 


The partnership will tour Valentina Medda’s ‘The Last Lamentation’ – a funeral ritual for the Mediterranean. ‘The Last Lamentation’ is a shared weeping that recounts the tragedy of our sea as a place of death and a dead place itself. Through the project, the partnership addresses the death of the Mediterranean itself due to climate change.

Perform Europe Grant
EUR 60,000


Artistic Works

The Last Lamentation
Producers: ZEIT Art research, supported by Stronger Peripheries, part of the project supported by Italian Council (2022), Italian Ministry of Culture
‘The Last Lamentation’ is a funeral ritual for the Mediterranean, here looked at as a place of waiting, suspension and passing away, the embodiment of an absence – a repository of bodies and a body in itself. A crossroads of present-day diasporas, the Sea reverberates through the choral reconstruction of a performance inspired by the ancient tradition of professional mournings, which connects the lament from Sardinia – birthplace of the artist – with that of other Mediterranean coastlines. Conceived as a ritual to take part in – rather than a performance to look at – the work is orchestrated by 12 women that, backs to the audience, punctuate the landscape through their dark presences and perform a repetitive and hypnotic vocal and choreographic score that reworks ritual codes into contemporary and abstract forms. A pre-verbal language underlies their gestures like a crescendo that aims to find a moment of climax, connecting the human voice to the voices and the presence of the environment and ‘more-than-human’ elements.

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Margherita Caprili

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