Current Projects (2024-25)


ORCHESTRATING SPACES, by Sharon Estacio and Giovanna Rovedo – Compagnia Atacama, is a performative search for – and meditation on – human ways of belonging, related to the geographical and cultural borders within which we live.


Through physical and digital performance and community artistic research in a hybrid mobility tour, it connects locals of a small fishing village in Oulu and artists residing in rural Tanumshede with a multicultural and immigrant community in Cagliari.


Originally created by Giovanna Rovedo and Sharon Estacio, the project will travel through Finland, Sweden and Italy, bringing four partners into a collaborative research process: Compagnia Atacama, Vitlycke – CPA, TAIKABOX and Carovana S.M.I. 


‘Orchestrating Spaces’ explores new creative research systems, providing safe spaces to examine social roles and collect community-specific experiences. The partnership – primarily female-identifying and parent artists –bridges rural Nordic and urban Mediterranean communities with a wide representation of the transnational and transcultural experience.


The hybrid tour will last approx. six months, enabling the work to put down roots which contribute to its long-term sustainability. The performance reflects the evolution of the tour, representing every community it meets and every place it travels to – virtual, physical and imagined.

Perform Europe Grant
EUR 60,000


Artistic Works

Producers: Compagnia Atacama / Carovana S.M.I.
ORCHESTRATING SPACES a performative search and meditation on identity; i.e. human ways to belong in space and in time. ‘Orchestrating Spaces’ travels across a multitude of circuits and situations – the skin of the body, the walls of a house; driving to work, flying across the world; sitting in a garden or floating on a screen in a virtual meeting point. All these worlds – micro/macro, theoretical or real, discovered and lived, imagined, created virtually or in person –expand our notion of living. This stratification of situations on different levels helps us to understand how a person moving back home to Friuli after having lived in Rome for several years can feel much like a person that has moved to a foreign country. Abitare in Italian means ‘living’ but also suggests behaviour, clothing, and the intimacy of a home: a place in which humans create a sense of belonging. It can therefore be said that the construction of the house supports the construction of identity. ‘Orchestrating Spaces’ is an ode to the daily verse, the memories that accompany each humble human action. Retracing questions etched into the map of our minds, creating shelter; the bricklaying made extraordinary.

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Claudia Corona

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