Current Projects (2024-25)

Participatory Performance “Creatures of Tomorrow”

In this project, three creators unite to bring the participatory performance ‘The Creatures of Tomorrow’ to the Netherlands, Germany, and Lithuania, addressing climate change through firsthand experience.


‘The Creatures of Tomorrow’ immerses participants in a journey of co-creation, simulating the evolution of life from water to land and into the future amidst climate change. Blindfolded and guided by live music and voice instructions, participants craft new creatures, fostering a deep connection to the environment. This performance emphasises inclusivity by inviting people of all abilities, including those with visual impairments, ensuring a diverse and collective experience.


The collective represents Eastern, Central, and Southern Europe, bringing together a diverse range of cultural perspectives. The partnership is driven by sustainability efforts and it  strives to bring ‘Creatures of Tomorrow’ to audiences worldwide, fostering dialogue and promoting improvisation and creativity in the arts.

Perform Europe Grant
EUR 12,000


Artistic Works

Creatures of Tomorrow
Producers: Elena Rabkina
Participatory performance ‘Creatures of Tomorrow’ invites the audience – through body work and music – to ‘craft’, blindfolded, new creatures and explore the journey of stepping on land from water, to the near future of climate change. It includes live stimulus with flute and percussion, voice guidance, inclusion of people with visual impairments leading to a collective experience, debrief, and post-performance discussion.

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Pawel Szvmanski

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