Current Projects (2024-25)

Resisting Extinction at the Peripheries

BodyCartography’s Resisting Extinction will be developed and performed in landscapes in Cyprus, Denmark, and Poland with local and international performers.

As the world is experiencing a climate emergency, the core of the project offers adaptive practices for performers and audiences to develop understanding and resilience in the fight against climate change on a personal and collective level.

The site-specific relational dance work will unfold in sites of ecological importance. It provides a structure for ongoing research, mentoring, and exchange with local communities, scientists, activists, and local and international artists to learn about local ecosystems through embodied practice. Together, the partnership adapts to meet the socio-cultural, ecological, and geographical contexts in which the work will be performed.

The performances will function as intimate communal events, opening space to grieve for animals, plants, land, values, or belief systems that are being lost. Together, practices will be built that reweave the relational field with the more-than-human world. This immersive participatory work offers opportunities to move collectively towards creating more ecologies of reciprocity.

Perform Europe Grant
EUR 60,000


Artistic Works

Resisting Extinction
Producers: Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad
‘Resisting Extinction’ offers practices for living and dying together on a damaged earth. This site-specific immersive performance will address our dying, decomposing, and extinction in a time of ecological crisis through intimate performances in forests and along bodies of water. In ‘Resisting Extinction’, the partnership will address an existential and urgent problem that seems to require an approach missing in the larger cultural discourse around this ecological crisis: How do individuals personally and collectively reckon with this ecological crisis with their physical and emotional bodies? Accessing bodies in specific ecosystems can help to tangibly realise that humans are not separate from their surroundings. These places are the very ecosystems that make life possible. Human bodies live inside this ecological crisis.

The project gathers onsite and invites the audience to take part in the following. weather walk: an intimate journey where small talk about the weather is transformed. in the missing: the landscape comes alive, haunted by critically endangered multi-species beings. dying and decomposing practices into the land and sea: allow collective practice for potential climate realities.

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