Current Projects (2024-25)

Root and Branch: Performing against forest loss

‘Root and Branch – Performing Against Forest Loss’ is an interdisciplinary project aimed at raising awareness about deforestation through a series of circus performances, talks, and workshops based on the use of trees for artistic performance. 


The performance ‘Burn’, around which the project is centred, seeks to tell the story of the fight of a community of Sicilian volunteer firefighters against the encroaching problem of forest fires through a mixture of aerial circus, theatre, and music. In each stop of its European tour, ‘Root and Branch’ will seek to establish connections with local initiatives aimed at forest conservation, exchanging tools and strategies to fight deforestation through art.

Perform Europe Grant
EUR 60,000


Artistic Works

Producers: Guido Manfrini, Lorena di Bello
The core of our touring artistic work is a dramatic portrayal of the experience of forest fires for victims – human, animal, or plant – through an acrobatic performance by Lorena Di Bello. Using multiple static ropes anchored to branches of a large tree, the performance evolves dynamically, allowing the artist to interact with the tree’s branches and trunk. The performance is highly site-specific, and will adapt its movement to each location's unique space and trees. On the ground, a group of four musicians, actors and a dancer, complements the performance through music, movement, and narration.

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Lorena Di Bello

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