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Sense-ational Circus Cabaret Caravan Tour

Sense-ational Circus Cabaret Tour brings our wonderful, inclusive, immersive sensory circus and performing arts experiences to marginalised communities and those with disabilities across the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. These collaborative, colourful, experiential touring shows bring the magic of the circus to children in crisis and displaced/underrepresented communities. 


Collaborating with Crizzz & Contaminando Sonrisas, touring Sense-ational mobile Circus micro theatre is a magical mobile stage filled with circus equipment. The partnership will deliver interactive creative shows, puppetry and performances to engage audiences in the magic of the circus.

Perform Europe Grant
EUR 60,000


Artistic Works

Sense-ational Circus Cabaret Caravan
Producers: Ash Perrin
The Flying Seagull Project, in collaboration with Crizzz Compagnie & Contaminando Sonrisas, will tour the Sense-ational Circus Cabaret Caravan across refugee camps and shelters, social care facilities, centres for children with disabilities, Roma communities and socially excluded communities in the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria & Greece. Our magical mobile micro-theatre is filled with circus equipment to bring interactive, accessible, creative performances and the vibrant spirit of circus directly to marginalised and underrepresented communities.

Our high-quality shows blend the elements of comedy, clowning, slapstick, circus, puppetry, music, magic & acrobatics to captivate, entertain and immerse audiences in the experience.

The shows explore themes of hope, opportunity, power, unity and solidarity, and reflect diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Our aim is to ignite the imagination and creativity of our audiences, bringing joy and quality performing arts to communities who otherwise lack access due to poverty, displacement, illness, abandonment, marginalisation, disability, isolation & neglect.

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