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Spreading the Roots

‘Spreading the Roots’ features a novel approach to touring with the contemporary circus performance, Forest. The performance deals with the question of the position of individuals within society, focusing on the position of women within the hegemonic patriarchal system, especially with regard to the impending ecological catastrophe. In the spirit of inclusivity and sustainability, instead of touring with the entire performing cast (six dancers and two musicians), only three original performers will go on tour to three European countries (Croatia, Romania, Slovakia), in each of which five additional local performers will be trained to take part in the performance. 


Besides co-organising the presentation of the Forest performance in their respective local venues, the partner organisations will also visit the 2025 edition of the Reciklart Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with performances of their own production. This will facilitate a more in-depth partnership and the opportunity for exchange of good practices and know-how among partner organisations.

Perform Europe Grant
EUR 60,000


Artistic Works

Producers: Društvo Matafir, Danijela Zajc
Forest Project is the third and final part of a personal-confessional trilogy by the Slovenian circus artist Danijela Zajc. In ‘Forest’, the artist asks herself what is the ‘engine’ of major social change and the individual's position in society. She questions the relations between individualisation and collectivisation of society, examines the dynamics between social and personal crises, and looks for parallels and points of conflict between individual women and the still patriarchal, neo-capitalist, consumerist society.

It also raises other questions. Can the micro level be transposed to some extent to the macro level? On this basis, is the individual's tendency to self-destruction correlated with that of society? Is it possible to transpose the macro level to the micro level? Can an ecological catastrophe radically change our view of individual consumption? Can we learn something from nature? Science predicts that we are condemned to self-destruction if we continue at the current rate of pollution. The absurdity of our situation is that most of society is aware of this, yet we do not demand radical change. Is there a way to change that?
Producers: Costa Tovarnisky, Ana Maria Ursu
‘Puf Buf’ is an inclusive theatre performance, it is part of the Basque Theatre's projects to make culture accessible to people with various disabilities, and the protagonists are 12 children with hearing impairments. The show premiered in Timișoara at the Basca Theatre in Traian Square on 25 February 2022. Two more performances followed in Timișoara, and in March the little actors took their story on tour to three other cities: Arad, Oradea, and Cluj Napoca. ‘Puf Buf’ is a theatre performance for children and adults alike, which introduces the audience to a journey of wonder, play, discovery of sounds and colours. ‘Puf Buf’ is an inclusive theatre performance, created with children from the Constantin Pufan School Centre for Inclusive Education in Timișoara, under the direction of actors Costa Tovarnisky, Ana Maria Ursu, and Vadim Rusu.
Human wave
Producers: Tabačka Kulturfabrik
HUMAN WAVE – is the nationality of the non-violent. HUMAN WAVE – is the homeland of the free. HUMAN WAVE – is to be unashamed of your fragility. HUMAN WAVE – hands are offered in humility.

‘Human Wave’ is born of a belief that poetry has the power to conquer the mind, music the heart, and art the soul; that there is no greater goal than to recognise your reflection in the eyes of another human being, to recognise the value of the present in simple existence. ‘Human Wave’ is an eye opener. Nothing is impossible. Creation can transfer any experience to the benefit of all of us. ‘Human Wave’ is a female scream, but who is suppressed by the costume of an indeterminate gender? It is neither she nor he (and thus it is all of us), calling for equality. ‘Human Wave’ is an artistic movement, an island of positive deviance, a cumulonimbus where we can build castles in the air and fight the windmills that reflect the challenges of our mistakes and shortcomings. ‘Human wave’ arose from an unacceptable view of the destructive forces of society. Therefore, this work is a manifesto expressing an artistic attitude towards society, a multimedia happening, and a video installation.
Producers: Cirkeros Circus
After 15 years of independent work, they finally found each other. He is from Venezuela and she is from Croatia. They followed a completely different path until the moment they met. He was a traveller and she was dreaming of becoming a traveller. ‘Los Flacos’ are Flaca (Nives Soldičić) and Flaco (Emilio Alcantara), a clown duo that will cheer the audience up with humorous moments and impressive skills. They were united by their passion and love for circus art, and are happiest when they put it all on stage and share their feelings with the audience. In the circus performance ‘Los Flacos’, they combine various circus skills (acrobatics on silk, juggling, rolla-bolla) and comedy. In a comical and endearing way, they introduce the audience to the world of the circus, possible and impossible, dangerous and harmless, serious and silly. The love story of a local girl and an immigrant.

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