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The Flowers of Srebrenica – solidarity across countries and times

The partnership is a European tour of the theatre work, ‘The Flowers of Srebrenica’, created by SARTR in collaboration with LegalAliens Theatre. A comprehensive community engagement programme surrounding the performance, including discussion panels, special performances, and educational resources will be curated to hold a space for conversations and interactions between cultures, audiences, and artists.


The project forms a co-learning network between the four organisations involved and the artists from various countries, where an exchange of skills and experience will take place. Together we explore new ways of expanding reach into local communities and increase accessibility for the audience, experimenting with more inclusive and sustainable production approaches.

Perform Europe Grant
EUR 60,000


Artistic Works

The Flowers of Srebrenica
Producers: Sarajevski ratni teatar SARTR, LegalAliens Theatre
‘The Flowers of Srebrenica’ is a stage reimagining of the illustrated novel by Aidan Hehir, where a road trip from Sarajevo to the Srebrenica Genocide Memorial shatters the certainties of the ‘Western male spectator’. The memory of those tragic events, still pervading the land and its survivors, slowly resurfaces, as both a reminder of Western responsibilities in ‘foreign’ conflict and as an invitation to practise empathy. Performed by a cast of refugee and migrant actors with lived experiences of war and displacement, our stage version will maintain the central narrative but in the context of a wider discourse, transcending Balkans borders so that Srebrenica and its memory become the symbol of all genocides that have happened in the world in the last 30 years. As most people – especially in Europe – just watch such genocides on screen doing nothing, the question is what does it take for ‘spectators’ to care?

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Maja Salkić Burazerović

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