Current Projects (2024-25)

The Metis Method: choreographies for a gender geography

The Métis (μέτις) in ancient Greek (literally ‘counsel, cunning’) is a strategy of relating to other people. It consists of ‘putting oneself in the shoes of the other’ by adopting the worldview of others.


‘The Metis Method’ explores gender geography through choreography, sound and documentary actions, aiming to map the gender experiences of non-binary people and women in the territories visited by a tour across the three European countries of the partners: Romania, The Netherlands, and Italy. The testimonies collected will become a fundamental part of the performance.


The project challenges touring norms, fostering collaboration among non-institutional, women-led organisations to cultivate meaningful dialogue and contribute to a more diverse, equitable, and sustainable performing arts landscape. 


The project’s main pillars are inclusion and diversity, the latter given by the different cultural and social areas involved and also in terms of awareness of the issues addressed among the population and the urban/rural context hosting the tour.


‘The Metis Method’ is led by Micce APS (Italy), in partnership with Artipic Association (Romania), Cultureel Centrum Moira (The Netherlands), Gynestra (Italy) and Associazione Culturale Fedora (Italy).

Perform Europe Grant
EUR 32,000


Artistic Works

The Metis Method
Producers: Micce APS, Comune di Bologna
‘The Metis Method’ considers cognitive encounters, exchanges, and listening an integral and indispensable part of the creative process. It encourages the active participation of the audience in each country involved, inviting them to reflect on their perception of urban space and to embrace perspectives other than the dominant ones.

Through the workshop, conceived as circles of sharing, the performers will collect the audience’s testimonies of how women and non-binary people perceive and experience urban spaces designed and conceived by straight, cis, able-bodied, white, middle-class men. These interviews will be edited by a sound designer and will compose the musical landscape that activates the bodies of the two dancers through the exploration of other ways of inhabiting the urban space.

‘The Metis Method’ supports social justice and equity by offering culturally and artistically accessible activities to all, regardless of age, background, ability or social status and through the support of all partners.

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Raffaello Rouge Rossini

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