Current Projects (2024-25)

Transgeographical Hydro Bodies

‘Transgeographical Hydro Bodies’ is a collaboration of four European partners: Forevergreen (IT), iii (NL), Tenthaus (NO), and Cashmere Radio (DE), promoting an innovative way of touring by stimulating critical reflection on the environment through a transdisciplinary artistic approach.


At the heart of the project is the participatory lecture performance ‘Hydro Bodies Assembly’, touring physically and in hybrid form, in the four cities of the partnership: Genoa, The Hague, Oslo, Berlin, and on radio. The performance is based on the principles of the Charter of Rights of Hydro Bodies, drafted by the artistic research collective, Corpi Idrici, and will be preceded by a series of workshops led by multidisciplinary artists and performers. The crucial engagement of local communities through testimony gathering and awareness-raising activities will contribute to the creation of different versions of ‘Hydro Bodies Assembly’, including context-specific amendments to the Charter. The project includes a hybrid performance, presented live in Berlin and simultaneously broadcast via radio. 


Voices and sounds collected during the workshops and performances will create a new narrative of the tour that will feed into the ‘Hydro Bodies Assembly Podcast’, expanding the performance in time and space.

Perform Europe Grant
EUR 32,000


Artistic Works

Hydro Bodies Assembly
Producers: Forevergreen and Corpi Idrici Collective
The performance 'Hydro Bodies Assembly' focuses on the choral reading of the Charter of Rights of Hydro Bodies, written by the Corpi Idrici collective in collaboration with activists and legal experts during the research period. Local communities of artists, eco-activists, and citizens perform together with Corpi Idrici collective by interacting with a multi-channel video projection, ready-made sculptures, texts, and field recorded tracks. The Charter of Rights of Hydro Bodies intends to be the starting point for a change in people's perspective and behaviour, to stimulate a new awareness of the fundamental role for the present and future of rivers, streams, seas and rainwater. This may activate a collective path towards their care and custody at local level, and a rapid change in city, regional, and national legislation, towards considering these hydro bodies as subjects deserving of rights.

In each country, the Charter will be implemented by amendments, proposed by local communities in the form of a public assembly. 'Hydro Bodies Assembly' lecture performance thus becomes not only an artistic work but also an opportunity to discuss environmental issues and actions to be taken to address the climate crisis.

Tour Dates

Photo credits

Nuvola Ravera (Corpi Idrici Collective), Walking research workshop in Pegli (Genova), 2021 (courtesy the artists and Forevergreen)

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